The Decimus Trilogy ***Volumes 1-3***

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Loyalty, redemption, and the power of love form the heart of Sheritta Bitikofer’s The Decimus Trilogy. Separated by more than a thousand years, two men connected by blood and an ancient gift—or curse—must come to terms with their pasts, their futures, and the wolf within them.


~The Beast of Verona~

Destined to take his father’s place as leader of their werewolf pack in Wyoming, Howard Lupus accepts his father’s demand that he go on a rite of passage to learn more about his heritage. Combing through dusty museum archives and old Roman ruins in Verona, Italy, is not his idea of a fun summer. Fortunately, he has the help of Marina D'Antuono, a cute but clumsy museum attendant with a passion for history. Together, they begin to uncover the story of his elusive gladiator ancestor.


In the year 69 AD, Decimus Rocius Lupus has no way of understanding the hideous truth about himself. A man cursed to share his body with the spirit of a beast, Decimus is impressed into the Roman army, captured as a traitor to the empire, then forced to perform in the Verona amphitheater. As a gladiator, he has no choice. He must kill or be killed. The beast within him wins the battles, but eats away at his soul.


As Howard and Marina trace his ancestor’s past, Howard fears losing control, just like Decimus. Can a woman like Marina ever come to accept the beast of Verona?

~Amber Ashes~

Following the trail of his werewolf ancestor, Howard Lupus heads to the ancient ruins of Pompeii. Candace Perry, the head of the excavations, shows him a villa with a mural of a man running with wolves and an engraved carnelian stone of a wolf. Could these be clues to finding Decimus?


Decimus has made a comfortable profit on his vineyard in Pompeii. While at the slave market, Decimus spots a foreign, dark haired woman with a fiery spirit. Aria is wary, but Decimus soon proves that in spite of his violent past, his heart is full of compassion. Then the volcano Vesuvius begins its ominous rumblings. Can Decimus save those he’s come to care for, or will the amber ashes of the volcano destroy them all?


As Howard uncovers more of his past, museum attendant Marina D'Antuono finds a letter describing a myth, a monster with golden eyes. Did Decimus survive the destruction of Pompeii? Complicating matters, Howard’s brother Eddie joins him, quickly falling for Candace. Will Marina forgive Howard for leaving her so suddenly in Verona? All he knows is that he must continue his quest to discover his past if he’s to help shape his pack’s future.


~Saving the Beast~

In pursuit of his mysterious ancestor, werewolf Howard Lupus travels to Ancona, Italy. Museum attendant Marina D'Antuono insists on going with him. They’re soon joined by Howard’s brother Eddie and his new love, Candace. Though Marina has learned the truth about Howard, and he’s falling hard for her, he tries to keep his distance. After all, what can a descendant of Decimus, a beast, offer a woman like her?


For the past two hundred years, Decimus has lived as a fisherman hermit outside the port town of Ancona. All he seeks is peace and solitude after causing so much pain and suffering in the lives of those around him. But one woman is determined to change that. Torn between loving her and keeping his peace, Decimus plans to run away again. But when pirates and barbarians threaten those he loves, the beast within is awakened once again. Will he let his past destroy his future?


Though Howard can’t deny that they share something special, he w


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