Danger Doctor Danfield

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Danger, Doctor Danfield was a detective melodrama starring Michael Dunne as Doctor Dan Danfield with JoAnne Johnson as Rusty Fairfax, his secretary. Captain Otis, Homicide Detective was played by Herb Butterfield and Mario Consoletti, Doctor Danfield's chauffer was played by Jay Novello. Other actors included Jay Jostyn, Herb Vigran, Betty Lou Gerson, Howard McNear, Parley Baer, Peter Leeds, and Lurene Tuttle. The show was produced by Wally Ramsey and written by Ralph Wilkinson. There was a total of 26 Danger, Doctor Danfield shows which began airing on August 18, 1946 and ran to February 9, 1947. The show continued to be heard in syndication well into the 1950s. The show was syndicated by Teleways Radio Productions and the commercials were added locally. Doctor Daniel Danfield, authority on crime psychology has an unhappy facility for getting himself mixed up in hazardous predicaments. Because of his astonishing revelations regarding the workings of the criminal mind. The crimes were usually committed by high society types and while law enforcement was on the scene, it took the expertise of Doctor Danfield, a crime psychologist who was also a private investigator to solve the case. Nine hours, eighteen shows of Danger, Doctor Danfield, restored to sparkling audio quality by Radio Archives.